Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well it was decided the the kids would be getting
bunkbeds to make room for their new baby brother
so here they are waiting for dad to put them together...
This is all dad got for directions
One page and five bags of screws and bolts
this is going to be fun.........

Well it took all day but dad figured it out
here it is ready for the kids

Noah sitting at the top of his ladder checking out his bed

Noah in his new bunkbed

Lola got in on the ladder action - She just uses the
first step to help her get into her new big girl bed

Noah and Lola checking out Lola's bed

Noah giving Lola some instructions on how to get out.....

1 comment:

The Stephens Family said...

Wow! Bunk bed, Shea is so jealous. Comgrats on another boy!